What should I visit in Krakow?

Cracow. One of the oldest and definitely the most beautiful Polish cities. Former capital, seat of monarchs. A city of historical significance, unique history. Inhabited by townsmen in love with him who would not exchange this place for any other.

However, the basis for visiting Krakow is a good guide in hand and a map. That’s because you must see the old town, the former Jewish district of Kazimierz. Interesting buildings, architectural gems at every turn, from medieval to quite modern, which can culminate in a trip to Nowa Huta. Certainly everyone should visit the Wawel Castle. The easiest way is to use wawel castle tours https://www.seekrakow.com/en/wawel-royal-castle-tour/, that you can find all around Krakow’s centre. It’s not difficult and gives a lot of pleasure.

Unique on a global scale – Wieliczka Salt Mine

There are some unique sites not in the centre of Krakow, but in the near sourrounding. One of them is. the Wieliczka Salt Mine – unique in the world, inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List as one of the first. You can touch almost history here, wandering through the mine halls to learn about history and the modernity that connects with it. The rooms, chambers and tunnels are prepared for visitors, show the beauty of the underground world, amazing sculptures, natural formations and those made by hand. Wieliczka is famous for its chambers carved in salt, the view of which cannot be forgotten.

As it was mentioned, Krakow has a lot of interesting places to visit. In the centre you can use some local means of transport, like wawel castle tour, but it is also worthy to go outside Krakow to see places like the Wieliczka Salt Mine.