The best mountain tours from Krakow.

Dunajec River Rafting

The mountains, forests and lakes around Krakow make it one of the most beautiful places in Poland. You can easily spend a few days exploring the many sights and activities that the Malopolska region has to offer. And the best part? Most attractions are easily accessible by car or public transportation – making it easier than ever to plan a trip to the mountains. From excellent ski resorts and forests with hiking trails to lakes, castles and other scenic sights, there are plenty of amazing things to see in the hills of the Krakow area. Here are some great trips you can take from Krakow:

Trip to Zakopane

Zakopane is the perfect trip for anyone looking to escape the city and relax in the beautiful mountains. The best part about Zakopane? There’s always a good chance of snowfall in December, making it the perfect time to visit. The city is full of great scenery and attractions. You can even stay here and take advantage of one of the many lodging options, such as a hostel or hotel. You can also visit the city during the summer months, when you can walk the hiking trails.

Rafting on the Dunajec River

The Dunajec River is one of the best rafting destinations in the country. The rafting season usually lasts from May to September, but during this time the river is usually not very crowded. If you want to experience the river with as few other people as possible, you should go in winter, when the river is low and much less frequented. There are a number of companies offering rafting trips on the Dunajec River, and many of them also offer kayaking, canoeing and tubing. The most common way of rafting on the Dunajec is on a guided raft. These rafts are large enough to accommodate a large group of people.

Ojcow National Park

Mountain Tours from Krakow

Ojcow National Park is one of the best places to visit near Krakow. The park is located in the MaƂopolska province and includes a variety of landscapes, including caves or rock formations. The park is one of the most easily accessible in the region, being only a 40-minute drive from Krakow. You can explore the park by hiking the many trails, visiting the many historical sites and visiting the many museums and cultural monuments in the park. The park is also home to a wide variety of animals and birds, making it a great place to see the wildlife that lives in the area.