Cracow city tours are very popular

Increasingly, many people decide to travel far. However, we should not forget that although the borders are currently open and thus it is very easy for us to travel, many attractions can be found in the country. One of the most popular places in Poland is certainly Krakow. So why is it worth visiting? Where to start?

The best Krakow walking tour

Certainly, every trip in Krakow should start from the market. The central point of the Market Square in Krakow is the unique building of the Cloth Hall. In the middle of the Market Square in Kraków it was traded for a long time. The first cloth stalls were placed here during the reign of Bolesław the Chaste. During the reign of Casimir the Great, a gothic building was erected here, which burned down in 1555. Today’s Cloth Hall does not look like it recently.

Today’s shape is mainly the result of reconstruction from 1875-1879. In the interior of the Cloth Hall, according to tradition, there are stalls with souvenirs from Krakow and lots of small items at prices that are inflated several times. The Sukiennice building worth seeing is the Polish art gallery operating here. Matejko’s Prussian homage.

However, Krakow is not only an attractive market and cloth hall. The Wawel Castle is also very popular. However, we should not forget that there is a slightly longer way. Therefore, it is worth deciding on a walking tour in Cracow city tours all the most important monuments of this city on a guided route. This is definitely the best solution for us.