Zatorland – the best fun for everyone

There are many interesting places in Poland, but not many of them can be a great fun for both grown ups and kids. One of such is Zatorland: a huge complex of parks located in the southern part of the country. What can be done there, how much do the tickets cost and how to get there?

Location of the park

The name of the complex, “Zatorland”, came from the name of the town its located in – Zator. This is a really small city, but luckily, it’s quite easy to get there, even without a car. There are buses (in the weekends in the high season) from some of the major polish cities. Even if none is there – it’s still pretty easy to get there by train and then – taxi.

When it comes to the price of the tickets, everything depends on number of parks, which will be visited, the age of visitors and… their height. Children, which measure less than 90 cm, can come in for free and they can attend the same attractions as their guardians.

What attractions can be found there?

This is a complx of four parks: one about mythology (on water and the whole trip is taken in a boat), one concerining insects, one for interactive dinosaurs and one park full of attractions purely for fun. Some say, that visiting the whole complex in one day might be even impossible. One thing is for sure: everyone should visit this place, even those, who aren’t exactly a fun of insects or dinosaurs. Everyone will find something interesting to see and do!