Why should we choose Schindler’s Factory Tour?

jewish quarter krakow

Krakow is a city where you can find many attractive monuments. The former capital of Poland is definitely a place where you should stay for a few days. However, if the trip time is very limited, what are the most important places to visit in Krakow?

The most important places in Krakow

Undoubtedly, the former Polish capital hides many attractive monuments. Very often many tourists do not have enough time to visit them all. One of the most important is certainly schindler’s factory. By choosing schindler’s factory you can discover a lot of interesting things about the occupation during the war.

At the Schindler’s Factory, which is one of the branches of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow, you can see a permanent exhibition titled Krakow during the occupation in 1939-1945. It introduces the wartime fate of Polish and Jewish residents of Krakow and the occupiers themselves. The exhibition consists of photos, eyewitness accounts, documentaries and multimedia presentations. All this creates a modern and attractive message for the viewer, which touches on important historical issues.

When deciding to visit this place, we should remember that the last entrance is possible 90 minutes before closing the museum. There is also a daily limit of visitors, which is why museum staff advise to book tickets online.

In Krakow, especially among foreign tourists, schindler’s factory tour is very popular. Jendak is worth remembering that schindler’s factory tour can also be a part of even a one-day trip.

More information about this place can be found at https://www.seekrakow.com/en/schindlers-factory-guided-tour/