Why should it is worth to choose Auschwitz tour?


Krakow is a very beautiful city, which every year is chosen by many tourists not only from Poland, but also from abroad. It should be remembered that regardless of the season, you can find many different attractions in this city. So what is worth choosing? What is the most attractive in Krakow?

Krakow is becoming an eagerly chosen city

Certainly, the former Polish capital attracts, among others, with numerous monuments. It is in this city that you can find, among others, the Wawel Royal Castle, which has been preserved in excellent condition. This is very important because, especially during World War II, many monuments suffered. The Old Town is also very popular, as is the Cloth Hall or St. Mary’s Church.

Being in Krakow is definitely worth choosing the nearby cities. More and more people are deciding to go to Oświęcim, among others. The former Auschwitz extermination camp is located in this city. During World War II, Germans murdered many innocent people in this place. In the camp, prisoners died of hard work, and many of them died just after arriving in the gas chambers.

Very popular Auschwitz tour is organized directly from Krakow. By choosing such Auschwizt tours you can very quickly visit this museum as well as most of the camp. Such a trip usually takes one day, thanks to which it is a great alternative, for example, when there is bad weather in Krakow or you don’t have anything to visit. In Auschwitz you can find such tours with a guide speaking in a different foreign language.