Where to go in Warsaw?

Recently, many tourists decide to come to Warsaw. Undoubtedly, the capital of Poland attracts with numerous monuments, as well as attractive places, as well as cultural events. So what is worth visiting in Warsaw?

Warsaw is an important point on the map of Europe

Warsaw is a city with scars, which history has not treated too kindly. Rebuilt after World War II, it certainly has its own unique atmosphere and offers tourists an unforgettable experience. A visit to this city is an obligatory point in the life of every Pole. Indeed, a few days are not much to get to know the Polish capital, explore its history and enter the atmosphere of the streets. Very many tourists are coming to Warsaw for a while and there is not much time to get to know this city. However, it is worth staying here definitely for longer, because there is something to visit.

Certainly the point of many trips is the Royal Castle. Despite the fact that, as mentioned earlier, Warsaw was almost razed to the ground, you can still find many interesting monuments that still remember the times when kings ruled in Poland. If you decide to visit this city and also want to visit interesting museums, the perfect solution is, among others, Polish vodka museum in Warsaw – read more about it on this regional site. It is worth remembering that it is in the Polish vodka museum Warsaw that you can find many interesting exhibits. In addition, it is in this museum that you can learn many interesting things about this one of the most popular alcohols. It is worth coming here, even if alcohol is very well known to you and you know how it is made.