Where to go in Warsaw?

Recently, more and more people are deciding to visit Warsaw. This is not surprising, because it is a very beautiful city, that encourages with numerous monuments, as well as attractive places. We should not forget that depending on the season of the year, we can also find a lot of interesting events there. So why go to Warsaw? What to see in the capital of Poland?

Warsaw has many interesting places and monuments

Few tourists are aware that during World War II, the city was almost razed to the ground. For this reason, we may not find too many original monuments in the Polish capital. This is because the Germans bombed the city during World War II. Not only many soldiers died, but also innocent civilians.

Now Warsaw looks definitely beautiful, and it is also a very big city. The capital of Poland is constantly growing, and a lot of modern places are being created, which are a great solution for tourists. When deciding to visit Warsaw, it is worth visiting modern museums.

Among other things, the Warsaw Uprising Museum is very popular. This is not only a very modern museum, but also a new place. More and more people who come to Warsaw also visit the vodka museum in Warsaw. You can learn there about the history of this extraordinary drink: https://www.citynews1130.com/2018/06/06/new-polish-vodka-museum-in-warsaw-celebrates-national-drink/ We should not forget that it is a very popular alcohol throughout Poland. It is in this museum that we can also learn how to make vodka, which can turn out to be a very big surprise for many tourists. It is a very interesting idea for a trip.