What should you see when visiting Warsaw?

Warsaw is an interesting city itself. The capital of Poland, survived a war. Some of the monuments were destroyed, but they were mostly restored. One out of many interesting things to see are a nineteenth century buildings, where you can visit a museum of vodka.

Many years of history

Warsaw Vodka Museum is located in an old factory, where in the interwar period vodkas such as Wyborowa or Luksusowa were produced. The buildings are really beautiful and worth seeing itself.

Inside the museum, you can see a 500 years of history of vodka making. What is more, the tours are organized in Polish and English on daily basis and if you are interested in other languages – there is a possibility to organize a tour in some other languages. The full list of available guides speaking other languages than Polish is available at the museum.

What can you see?

Some exhibitions are regular ones, while some are interactive. At the museum, you can learn how the first bottles of the most famous Polish alcohol were prepared and how the whole process has evolved over the years.

All the changes in production process, materials needed to prepare vodka and many interesting traditions involving this alcohol can be learned at the museum. The exvhibitions are interesting not only for fans of this alcohol, but also for people, who like to know other countries’ history better.

This is a huge opportunity to find out why Poles drink vodka and why do they value it so much, what are the most common traditions including this alcohol and what are the favorite types of the drink.

At the end…

Culmination of the trip is vodka tasting, during which you can taste the difference of vodka made from different materials (such as potatoes or wheat). For the most avid fans of this alcohol, museum organizes unique drink making trainings. Beware, that those aren’t a fixed point of the museum’s program – if you want to take a part in the course under supervision of experienced specialist – you need to sign up first.

Attention: the museum is available only for adults.