Warsaw for adults – vodka museum

At old “Koneser” factory complex, there is a one of a kind museum, in which you can learn many interesting facts about… vodka. If you are interested in taking tour (please keep in mind: adults only!) and curious about the exhibits, read below article.

Coverage of many years

Warsaw Vodka Museum goes to the very roots of vodka making, allowing their visitors to find out how it is made, when was the first alcohol brewed and how did the process evolve over the years. Many interesting facts as well as exhibits are collected in the building. The history of vodka brewing and the alcohol itself is truly fascinating and worth telling. If you are interested in hearing it – make sure to visit the museum while in town.

What is more, the museum takes care of tourists from around the world: there are tours in both Polish and English on a daily basis and if another language is required – the tour can be arranged with a few days prior notice. Also, for those who need privacy – there can be arranged special night tours with a group of 10 at max.

When legs are wobbly – why is vodka so important?

At the exhibition you will also find out why Poles love this alcohol so much and what is the reason of the changes in brewing process. Also, a part of exhibit is devoted to many interesting traditions, concerning vodka. Have you ever wondered, what can be done at a wediing with this drink? This and many more interesting facts can be found out at the museum.

The highlight of the trip is a chance to try different types of Polish vodka, made of different materials. It might sound odd (and even slightly scary), but this alcohol can be produced even from potatoes! The vodka tasting takes place at the end of the tour (because putting this point at start would make the trip a bit tricky). You get to try some types of this drink under the supervision of experienced museum worker, who will explain the differences. This is also the best time to ask questions, should you have any after taking the tour.

More information you can find at Nizio.com.pl