Very attractive underground museum Krakow

underground museum krakow

Krakow is a very beautiful city, which attracts many tourists every year with numerous monuments, as well as charming places that can be found almost everywhere. Undoubtedly, it is the former capital of Poland, which became so famous mainly because of older monuments that were not destroyed during World War II. However, this city also has many interesting cultural events.

Krakow is the heart of Poland

The former Polish capital certainly impresses with its charm, regardless of the season. You can find almost everything you want in it. In summer and spring, it is worth going for a walk around Krakow, visiting the Jewish district of Kazimierz. In turn, in autumn and winter, it is worth hiding more in a variety of buildings, admiring the art of this extraordinary city.

A very attractive museum can be found on the market in Krakow. Underground museum Krakow is almost under the cloth hall and this is where you can find the entrance to this attractive place. By deciding to visit the underground museum in Krakow, which has been very popular recently, you can travel back in time and get to know the first years of Krakow. On many illustrations, as well as maps and excavations, you can learn with your own eyes what the city once looked like. It is an excellent museum not only for adults but also for children. Deciding on such a trip, you can be sure that even a preschool child will not be bored at all. It will be a great history lesson for many adults. In the underground you can also see original props from many eras.

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