The best sights in Zakopane

Zakopane is a beautiful city located in southern part of Poland. Almost every person in the country had heard about “Krupówki” – the promenade od the town. What else one should see while visiting this town and which tours are worth taking?

Sightseeing in mountains

One of the best Zakopane tours is also the cheapest one. As the city lies near Tatra Mountains, every tourist should take a trip there. It requires a bit of physical condition, but the beautiful views reward all the effort. Also, during the tour, one can meet many wild animals, such as eagles or mountain chamois. It is important to stay stay on the trail and dress appropriately for mountain trips!


It’s not strictly in the town, but there is a funicular, connecting Zakopane with Gubałówka. It’s a famous tourist’ attraction and it has one advantage in addition to undoubtedly aesthetic values: as one can get there via funicular, it’s a great idea as a day of rest or a solution for people who do not like long hours of mountain hiking.


While the nothern part of Poland doesn’t hold many museums, southern part looks quite the opposite. In Zakopane itself, there are many interesting museums and exhibitions, such as Kornel Makuszyński Museum, Tatra Museum, Museum of the Zakopane Style and many more. When the sightseeing is over – getting a warm drink and listening to folks playing is strongly suggested for everyone.